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7 Unbelievable Benefits Of Learning How To Solve Rubik’s Cube

by Garima Ojha,

Rubik's Cube
7 Unbelievable Benefits Of Learning How To Solve Rubik’s Cube



Did you know that you can sharpen your child’s intellectual development by making him/her learn how to solve Rubik's Cube? Nonetheless, many other puzzles have the potential to improve the cognitive power of children. Learning to solve a Rubik’s Cube can make your child tread the path of better thinking and becoming a smart individual. 

Rubik’s Cube is a quintessential childhood entity that every child has with themselves. It is considered to be a versatile toy that is often grabbed out of curiosity to solve and can eventually turn out to be a hobby. However, learning how to solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle requires great dedication and on the same side, the process amplifies the children's abilities and their power of thinking.

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Benefits Of Learning How To Solve Rubik’s Cube For Kids

It is often said, gift your child a Rubik’s Cube and you will thank yourself in the future. It is so because solving a Rubik's Cube can help children hone their brain power. They work towards making and strategizing several moves with the cube so that every face shows up in one single color. 

In his book, Cubed - The Puzzle Of Us All, author Erno Rubik defines a Rubik’s Cube as a creative machine that helps to develop simple yet important attributes like concentration, curiosity, the eagerness of finding a solution, and a sense of intellectual thinking in your child. 

In contemporary, we all are familiar with the Rubik’s Cube as a toy. However, certainly, the real benefits of making your child learn how to solve Rubik’s cube are yet to be explored!

Let’s count on the 7 unbelievable Benefits Of Learning How To Solve Rubik’s Cube. 

1. Develops Problem Solving Skills


The foundation of solving a Rubik’s Cube revolves around breaking down the problem into tiny parts and then focusing on them separately. Thereby, your child, in the process of solving the Rubik’s Cube, learns the importance of each move. Trying out different combinations of moves, either brings them closer to solving the cube or takes them away. 

Nonetheless, this process of experimenting with twists - turns, and combinations help them pave the way out by developing a clear understanding of the problem-solving process. They also attempt to visualize the spatial impact of each move and are dearly motivated to eliminate any combinations that do not lead them to a solution. Gradually, they start learning and developing a pattern of moves that brings them closer to their goal of solving the Cube. 

Therefore, making your child learn how to solve Rubik’s Cube puzzle refines their problem-solving abilities. 

2. Boosts The Power Of Reflexes In Your Child

With the Rubik’s Cube in hand, your child reaps the advantage of a sharper mind resulting from the good eye and hand coordination. The process of solving a Rubik’s Cube includes memorizing many patterns while trying out different combinations of moves within a few seconds. Above all, this boosts your child’s reaction time along with their agility and attention span, overall paving the way for improved memory. 

While their mind is racing through a variety of different alternative moves, the eyes and hands are used to their full potential in perfect unison. Therefore, this helps in developing a learning system through the optimum utilization of human reflexes at a young age.

3. Enhances Observational Skills


Once your child begins to pay close attention to the Cube, they will get affixed to it. They will be engaged in the habit of experimenting and noting patterns that will help them get closer to successfully solving the Rubik’s Cube. Eventually, they will start drawing conclusions and attentively observe the patterns with all eyes on the cube. 

Consequently, your child will observe all the moves and move on with a sense of dedication. All of these cognitive activities eventually help your child identify their passion for a particular profession, shaping their personality with multiple skills and abilities.

4. Improves Concentration and Configuration

One of the most significant benefits of learning how to solve Rubik’s Cube is that it improves the concentration and configuration power in your child. Any puzzle that uses the trial and hit method allows the player to indulge in multiple ways to solve it. As an outcome of this toggling between various possibilities and ways of solving the puzzle, your child's determination is strengthened beyond measures.

While solving a Rubik’s Cube, the brain cells are continuously triggered to identify opportunities and patterns to achieve the goal in a short time. As a result, your child’s power to focus and concentrate on a task at hand increases.

 5. Keeps The Mind Active


Making your child learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube puzzle not only improves their awareness about different patterns but also reinforces the analytical and cognitive skills. Solving the Rubik’s Cube enables your child in recognizing images while the brain simultaneously works for viewing these images in the surroundings. 

The regular and synchronized movement of the 9 sides of the cube helps in developing visual and spatial intelligence capabilities in your child. Hence, Rubik’s Cube solving helps in keeping your child’s mind active and energized.

6. Increases Speed And Agility 

The process of solving a Rubik’s Cube involves optimum synchronization of the human reflexes simultaneously. In general, solving a Rubik’s Cube is considered to be the game of speed and time. One who solves the Rubik’s Cube in lesser time wins the game. Therefore, with practice, your child’s speed to solve a Rubik’s Cube increases and they learn to employ the accurate moves that help them in solving the Cube faster. 

Toying with a Rubik’s Cube provides agility to your child’s fingers. This agility can be beneficial in typing and writing faster or better. Rubik’s Cube keeps your fingers sharper, better in shape, and strongly coordinated with the mind. How wonder!

7. Helps Productive And Keeps Boredom At Bay


Learning how to solve Rubik’s Cube can be a perfect solution to keep your child away from electronic devices and being productive at the same time. By placing a Rubik’s Cube in your child’s hand, you will be feeding the right things into their brain. As the process of solving a Rubik’s Cube requires a good amount of concentration, it doesn’t let your child’s mind wander. 

Hence, a Rubik’s Cube can be considered as the best brain teaser to keep your child occupied in the right thing. 

Sneak Into The World Of Rubik’s Cube

Do you know that the Rubik’s Cube recently celebrated its 40th birthday? Invented by Erno Rubik, Rubik Cubes were initially used as an aid for teaching spatial dimensions to college students. Many people after trying it a few times placed the cube on a shelf, unsolved. 

According to a survey, just 5.8 percent of the population can solve a Rubik's Cube. As the Rubik's Cube has 43 quintillion possible positions, there are many variations to solving this mind-bending puzzle. 

Many of us have never even tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube, but around the world, some competitions are abound for speedcubers. Real die-hard players, unscramble and solve the Rubik’s Cube in just a few seconds. With practice, they get creative and find it interesting in adding additional layers of challenges to it. This interesting cube can be the perfect blend of simplicity as well as complexity. Let your child try it out!

Summing It All Up!

Concludingly, the onus is on the parents to introduce their children to brainy and challenging puzzles at a young age. Making your child learn solving the Rubik’s Cube proves to be a beneficial exercise and comes with innumerable cognitive advantages. It helps in developing thinking abilities in your child, builds patience and calmness in them, and assists them in increasing the speed and memory power of their brain. 

Rubik’s Cube not only comes with its brain-centric advantages but also helps in shaping and sharpening multiple skills in your child. As a result of learning how to solve Rubik’s Cube, the child attempts to make complete utilization of his/her mental capabilities to tackle advanced-level problems which in turn, benefits them in later years of their life. 

Well, thinking about how you can encourage your child to play with the Rubik's Cube while their brain is still in its developing stage? We, at BaaBee TV, can help you make your life easier. Sow the incredible benefits of solving a Rubik’s Cube in your child by enrolling them in our Rubik’s Cube Course, and pave their way to becoming smarter individuals for the future. 

Hurry Up and dust off your Rubik’s Cube today!

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