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7 Effective Ways to Choose Which Language Is Best To Learn For Kids in 2021

by Kriti Gera,

7 Effective Ways to Choose Which Language Is Best To Learn For Kids in 2021



Nelson Mandela once said, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart".

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Is your kid an enthusiast who is always interested in learning a new language? If yes, picking the right language must have been a challenge for you. How do you choose which language is best for kids to learn? Which language would come along with better opportunities? Which one is easy or hard to learn?

Questions like this are bound to cross your mind. But, relax because you are not alone! Let's see how to get over these ingrained questions and finally make our decision. 

Speaking more than one language has increased benefits in this fast-moving globalized world. There are several benefits of learning a new language as it helps in the holistic development of the brain and opens new avenues in a child's life. According to studies, the bilingual experience appears to influence the brain from infancy to old age.

According to research by Pennsylvania State University, bilinguals are smarter and are better at critical thinking, planning, performing multitasks, and problem-solving. It can have a profound effect on your child's mind and soul as it improves cognitive skills and also shields against dementia in senescence. 

Deciding on a language is a personal process and entirely depends on the learner. It takes time to learn a new language. It requires a lot of dedication, time commitment, and perseverance. There is no good and bad language. It depends on the interest of a learner.

Let's try to discuss all the relevant criteria that one should keep in mind when they are pondering upon the question of choosing which language is best to learn for kids.

Ways to Choose Which Language to Learn

1. Easy To Learn


Consider whether the language you are planning to choose is similar to your indigenous language i.e. your mother tongue or the other languages the child knows already, in terms of its sound, structure, and vocabulary. There are similarities and relationships between languages. To give an instance, Spanish and Portuguese share a lot of vocabulary. It might be easier for one speaker to learn another. 

Thus, start with something familiar to your child and also the language that fascinates him/her. Professor of Psycholinguistics Nuria Sagarra agrees that learners of vastly different languages have a greater challenge ahead: “If your native language is more similar to the foreign language (e.g. your native language has rich morphology and you are learning a different rich morphology, such as a Russian learning Spanish), things will be easier.”

2. Cultural Dimension And Your Interest


This is one of the best ways of choosing which language to learn. Ask the child, is there any culture that fascinates him/her deeply?

This should be one of the foremost reasons which drive the child to learn a language with absolute enthusiasm and energy. There could be some parts of the world that always intrigue your child, say their culture, people, and ethics. There could be some places where the child always desires to travel to. Thus, there is a huge connection between language and culture. They are so interconnected that learning a foreign language both builds cultural understanding of other people and provides deep insights into how other people see the world. 

Linguistic relativists argue the way we see the world is shaped by the language we use. Language is impossible to understand without knowing the culture, history, customs, and traditions of the region.

3. Number And Distribution Of Speakers

It is essential to observe what is the reach of the language that you wish your child should learn. Some languages are spoken by just two remaining living speakers, others are spoken by billions. Despite learning a language for academic reasons, you may want your child to learn a language he/she is most likely to use and which is very popular. This helps them not only during face-to-face conversations but also on the Internet and to read literary works. 

This way, consider the number and distribution of speakers for the language. French, German, English, and Spanish, for instance, are the most spoken languages across the world and therefore are the best options to start with.

4. Starting A Professional Journey


It becomes smooth to pick a language if the child has a specified profession and destination in your mind. Ask the child this question: 'Where do you want to see yourself in the coming 10 years?'

This will help him/her to choose an appropriate language without wasting time. You must look into the rational aspects of your child's dream job and university. This will save his/her efforts when he/she will land up in the professional journey. Definitely, this is one of the very logical and effective ways to choose which language is the best to learn.

5. Availability Of Resources

It is important to look into the resources from where the child will grab the knowledge and practice your reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Are there courses in that language available online easily? Do you have access to any tutor or instructor at your place? Are there any friends with whom your child can speak and practice? 

If you don't have access to the above-mentioned resources, the child might start losing interest in the language eventually. Therefore, seek all the resources wisely. It is important to keep the child's graph up while learning a new language otherwise he/she will start forgetting the things learned in the past.  

On BaaBee TV, you can look up to proficient language instructors who can guide your child to start a language journey. You don’t have to worry about the resources as well. We provide abundant study material with daily worksheets in French and German languages.

6. Introspect Your Learning Power

Does the child want to learn a language to interact with people, or to enhance his/her overseas friend circle? To challenge themselves by learning a new learning system or to grab the ideas of artists and entrepreneurs in their own language? Because they met a new friend or because they are obsessed with the food and places or just because they like the way a particular language sounds? This introspection is necessary! This guides your child very well in the process of choosing which language is the best to learn.

There is a continuous motivation that drives your child to become fluent in a language. There are no good or bad, right or wrong reasons for learning a language. If the child follows his/her passion and always remembers the reason for starting the learning journey, then this will be easy. 

In addition, choose language according to the time that your child can give to the learning. Start with an easy one if he/she doesn’t have much time. Choosing the hardest language could be one of the bad decisions you can make for your child. If the child has the zeal to complete the entire language and is ready to take up the challenges in the journey then you can probably choose some unique languages. Further, many researchers believe that children are quick at language learning compared to adults.

7. Check Job Opportunities


Most of us look for career opportunities while learning a new language. Being multilingual always adds more value to one's resume. It gives you a competitive edge over other candidates. The child has more chances of getting better exposure if they know a language other than your mother tongue. 

Besides English, there is a growing demand for German, French and Spanish language in the organizations. Choose according to the job where your child wishes to land in the coming years. List down all the fields he/she is eager to work in a few years and then analyze the requirements of language in the desired field.

A PRO TIP: Once you start a language then just stick to it. If you keep changing frequently, you will never be able to learn either of them.

Conclusion: Learn German and French With BaaBee TV!

We hope now you are less dubious about the language you are planning to commence with for your child's learning. The benefits of learning language for kids are immense and they leave positive effects on the mental, physical and intellectual abilities of a child. Learning a new language is a great hobby to develop young minds. Children who are exposed early to other languages display more positive attitudes to the cultures associated with those languages in the globalized world. 

The experience of learning a language, especially the languages that are very popular, introduces them to the world in ways they might otherwise have not experienced. It helps them in having a better understanding of life and helps to nurture them as mentally strong individuals. Still, thinking about how you can introduce your kid to different languages?

Don't worry, BaaBee TV has got you covered. Give your child a better perspective to look at life, by enrolling them today in our Shlokas classes. Get started today!

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