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Positive Affirmations Help Improve Your Kid's Emotional Wellbeing, Here's How

by Kriti Gera,

Personality Development
Positive Affirmations Help Improve Your Kid's Emotional Wellbeing, Here's How



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India is a country with diverse cultures and religions. In the practice of our spiritual lives, there is a lot of importance given to decisive words used in the prayers and these words provide the greatest might and effects when added with music and rhythm. These words are kind of positive affirmations that boost our confidence and self-esteem. Once these affirmations are added into everyday life, it changes the way of living and seeing things. It helps to view things with a positive lens, and positive affirmations for kids can do wonders!

Importance Of Positive Affirmations For Kids


Positive affirmations help children and parents to live a satisfactory life. Nowadays, the majority of parents are helping to understand the positive affirmations in the young stage. It is important for parents to encourage their children in the fast-moving world. In addition, it is equally important to love and support the children with a positive attitude.

If you see your child caught in a negative situation, positive affirmations work best to come out from the negative situation and tear negative emotions easily from their body. Children tend to develop belief systems about themselves and the world around them from the environment. Their family and friends, role models, television, magazines, and advertising can either nurture or deteriorate them. Thus it is necessary that parents must make their children learn to take control of their beliefs and the younger they are able to teach them, the easier it is. Negative beliefs impact children's lives greatly and can be hard to shift as they grow older.

Affirmations are a powerful and holistic way of building a positive attitude and happy child. These help them to nurture their authentic self and help them to enjoy the magic of childhood.

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Studies Prove The Importance Of Positive Affirmations

One of the key theories is ‘self-affirmation theory’ in Psychology (Steele 1988). According to the studies of this theory, it shows that we maintain our self-esteem and integrity by telling and speaking to ourselves – affirming positive thoughts. The development of this theory has led to neuroscientific research, which aims at observing changes in the brain when we say affirmations. There is medical science evidence that shows neural pathways are enhanced in the prefrontal cortex when humans practice self-affirmations.

What is also noted is the effect that positive affirmations have on your child's mood and feelings. They are a simple tool that can turn around your habitual negative thoughts. Positive affirmations can assist you with self-regulation, self-worth, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

Examples Of Positive Affirmations

Saying positive phrases (positive affirmations) helps to move through tricky situations. Well, here are some of the top listed positive affirmations which a child can practice:

  • I can do this!
  • You matter, you're loved!
  • I stand up for what I believe in!
  • I believe in my goals and dreams!
  • It’s okay not to know everything!
  • Today, I choose to think positively!

You can have a look at more wonderful affirmations that can inspire and motivate your child to start a day with a bright smile!

Need Of Positive Affirmations In Pandemic 

The outbreak of the pandemic has disrupted children's lives in many ways. They are not able to step out of their homes and socialize with their friends. In turn, all this has been impacting their mental health and causing disorders like anxiety, depression, and mental illness. Nonetheless, several weeks of homestays are hindering their well-being and emotional health.


For the little ones to thrive from the pandemic, it is essential to start early by helping them to understand the positive affirmations. These positive affirmations can be understood through chanting mantras, shlokas, or reading good books which teaches being more empathetic and resilient in difficult situations. If they focus on the same positive words multiple times in a day, they will see the same positive attitude reproduced in their lives for the world around them. 

When we say chanting, it is not necessarily about chanting any religious mantras or prayers, but even simply chanting of affirmations or gratitude sentences can also work wonders in eliminating stress from our lives.

One most helpful way to start with positive affirmations for your lovely children is to make them chant Shlokas which are basically in the Sanskrit language. These are positive words or phrases that have a spiritual meaning and if recited repeatedly, can make your child feel calm and centered.

Shlokas help to turn on the channel of positive energy in mind and soul and change your moods and feelings. This simple exercise can help children to understand self-worth, self-awareness, and self-confidence.

BaaBee TV brings exciting and magical moments by understanding the importance of Shlokas and helping young minds to learn them, generating their consciousness. Practicing Shlokas helps to reduce the volume of inside nagging voices that refrains children and ourselves from taking challenges in life. 

Benefits Of Practicing Positive Affirmations:

1. Improve Concentration and Memory


Studies have shown that chanting Shlokas (positive affirmations) helps to increase concentration and memory power in children. This is because Shlokas emit vibrations that activate the body chakras that help to improve focus. It can indirectly help in keeping the mind conscious and sharpening the intellect. 

For the brain to function effectively, proper oxygen is required. Since chanting of Shlokas is accompanied by systematic rhythmic deep breathing, it brings an adequate amount of oxygen, which helps sharpen focus, improve concentration, and make a person more enthusiastic. The ideal timing of chanting Shlokas is early morning and evening.

2. Keep The Respiratory System Healthy

When kids chant Shlokas, their breathing slows down. Deep breaths and holding them for a few seconds regulate the functioning of the lungs by the smooth flow of oxygen in the blood. There are two parts to the technique: breathing in and breathing out. When the child breathes in, they internally say the first word or syllable of the quality and when they breathe out, they internally say the second word or syllable. 

When they repeat the same regularly, their breathing process is linked to constant repetition helping them immensely.

3. Combat Stress


Chanting Shlokas lowers blood pressure, equalizes heartbeat rate, hormonal levels, and even lowers hyped cholesterol levels. Doctors have started prescribing Shlokas chanting for the well-being of children. For those unable to chant, they advise listening to Shlokas with some deep breathing exercises also helps to improve the overall health. 

Additionally, chanting of Shlokas should always be done in a melodious way in the silent space. Experts recommend that the Gayatri Mantra be chanted for 4 to 8 times in one sitting, the Om Namo Narayanaaya at 38 -62 range per minute. The sound of all these shlokas aligns with one's natural self and brings clarity to the vagus nerve of the brain. Studies have also shown chanting Mantras/Shlokas for 10 minutes a day helps to combat anxiety and depression.

4. Boost Child’s Immunity

There has also been a natural increase in consumption of fried and packaged food in the pandemic, thus leading to weight gain in a large percentage of kids confined to homes. All these things are secretly contributing to lower children's immunity. 

Shlokas chanting puts pressure on organs such as the tongue, vocal cords, lips. The vibration also stimulates the hypothalamus gland, which regulates the secretion of hormones and improves immunity. The resonance of the chanting Mantras helps to regulate the hypothalamus in the brain through the vibrations generated while repeating the Shlokas. The happier you are, the stronger your immune system is!

5. Increase Body Glow And Charm: 

The vibrations generated from chanting also fuel the vital points of the face that helps in effective blood circulation and detoxing. The breathing pattern of chanting helps to oxygenate the skin which in turn radians skin and adds charm to the skin. This repairs the body tissues and makes the child feel younger and refreshed.

Summing Up!

We hope now you have a clear picture of positive affirmations you are planning to commence with for your child's learning. The benefits of learning and chanting for kids are immense and they leave positive effects on the mental, physical and intellectual abilities of a child. In these frantic times, it is a great hobby to develop in young minds. Children who are exposed early to more positive attitudes grow up as healthy humans exposing themselves to fewer infections and diseases.

The experience of learning Shlokas, especially with the trained instructor introduces your child to the world in ways they might otherwise have not experienced. It helps them in having a better understanding of life and helps to nurture them as mentally strong individuals. Still, thinking about how you can empower kids with Shlokas learning?

Don't worry, BaaBeeTV has got you covered. Give your child a better perspective to look at life, by enrolling them today in our live Shlokas classes. 

Get started today!

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