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7 Leadership Lessons Your Kid Can Learn By Solving Rubik's Cube

by Lakshika Thakur,

Rubik's Cube
7 Leadership Lessons Your Kid Can Learn By Solving Rubik's Cube



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What? Playing Rubik's cube helps kids attain leadership qualities? But how can a three-dimensional mechanical puzzle-like Rubik's cube help in the same? Well, undoubtedly yes. And you're at the right corner to know the answer to this astonishing question! 

It's time to get a bit more knowledgeable for the benefit of your kids. When your kid starts solving a Rubik's Cube, be ready to witness a leader growing up. With its uniqueness and multiple strategies used to solve it, the kids learn a variety of lessons.

History Of Rubik's Cube

Before we get on to the primary idea of this piece, let's dig into the history of this 'Magic Cube'. It was created by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Ernő Rubik in 1974 as an aid for teaching spatial dimensions to college students. He licensed this cube to Ideal Toys in 1980 and from there it began expanding and became popular. In 2020, the Rubik's cube celebrated its 40 years of coming into existence. It is considered the world's best-selling toy, with around 500 million pieces.

How Solving Rubik's Cube Help Children?


The primary question is, how does solving Rubik's cube help your kid? To be honest, it is one of the hardest challenges, though a de-stressing activity that arouses curiosity in kids. So either, solving Rubik's cube ends up becoming a hobby of your kid or your kid becomes a professional cube-solver. Either way, when your kid starts solving, he/she learns lessons from solving Rubik's Cube.

It not only increases your child's cognitive skills, but your kid also learns leadership lessons from Rubik's Cube. Solving Rubik’s cube is an activity that will help in the best development of your kid's brain in multiple ways without you realizing it. It transforms your kid into a smart individual. And, to your surprise, solving Rubik's Cube will shape your kid to be a great leader as well. 

Kids Become Smarter By Playing Rubik's Cube

Kids undoubtedly become smart with solving the Rubik's Cube and it develops their cognitive abilities. Playing/solving Cube enhances the kids' ability to work under pressure. Not only does it help kids develop problem-solving skills, but it can also help them to deal with situations patiently and efficiently. This, in turn, also develops leadership qualities in your kid.

 Leadership Lessons From Rubik's Cube For Kids


It becomes the responsibility of the guardians to introduce their kids to such a brainy puzzle in the earliest stages of life and hand over a 3D combination puzzle to your kid when their brain is in the developing stage. This, in turn, prepares your kid to deal with actual situations and problems in life. Those bright, mixed, and distinctive colored pieces of the Cube arouse the curiosity of the kid to solve the puzzle and achieve the desired result at the end. Once your kid manages to fit at least one full face of the Rubik's cube, it becomes exciting for them to solve it further. There is something irresistible about it!

 Learning how to solve a Rubik's Cube takes a lot of patience, strong will, and time but it is truly rewarding. This Cube is really good for your kid in multiple ways. Once mastered, and if your kid continues practicing the puzzle, he/she will soon start noticing his/her cognitive abilities increase. This colorful and compact cube with 6 faces, each divided into 9 cells refines the mind power of kids. Making several moves with the cube so that every face shows up one color helps your kid to possess the quality of a team leader. 

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So, this implies engaging your kid in a challenging though fun activity. And at the same time, this prepares your child to deal with day-to-day real-life issues. On the top, don't forget you are upbringing a great team leader in your home. So without any more delays, let's quickly learn some aspects of team leadership that your kid can acquire from playing Rubik's Cube.

1. The Game Constitutes A Common Goal


Playing Rubik's Cube is about aligning each distinctive colored face of the cube. While playing in a team as well, there's a common and defined purpose of the leader and every member towards the goal they want to achieve. Just like your kid aligning the cube's faces with a clear objective to solve it. A team with clear goals and a strong spirit imbibed by an influential leader produces better results.

2. Each Piece Of The Cube Is Different

It is known that individualities make up the whole, each one adds up and gives value to obtain the final objective. Amid this, the role of the team leader and each member of the team is to accept and appreciate this distinctiveness. Simultaneously, also to manage to balance them when there are deviations. This, in turn, redirects the entire team without losing sight of the final objective. All this is easily possible with a refined-minded and patient leader who is manipulative and finds out solutions despite differences to reach the final goal. 

3. Rubik's Cube Is A System

The Cube does not work if a part of it goes missing, is defective, or jammed, preventing action. The same thing can be pictured with a team. This imbibes one more of a team leader in your kid. That the movement, synergy, strategy, and ability of the team leader to give the right momentum in achieving the desired result will bring about the expected result.

4. All Parts In The Cube Are Interlinked


In the Rubik's Cube, each piece is linked with the others and when you move them, they produce a completely different result. It is the same when working together with others, where an individual's impact influences everyone, every piece and effort counts.

Especially in situations of confusion, cohesion or unity is an essential move. Where there is confusion in making your next move, communion, i.e., shared participation is what produces the result. However, a team leader should be well-equipped and smart to deal with such situations and promote trust, contribution, creativity, and collaboration.

5. Movement Of Every Individual Affects The Whole

Every individual's performance is directly proportional to the success of the entire team. When in a team, very strong, self-centered individuals appear, those who get disconnected from what needs to be done to achieve the objectives, the teams do not work and they wear out. At this point, only a leader can handle the fallouts to achieve the results. This could be done in the same way as in a cube it is required to value every piece and manage their movements resisting defects in movements.

6. Pieces Drive Each Other Strategically

Through movement and solution-focused and patient thinking, the Rubik's Cube dynamics invite you to learn about the closeness between members of an organization. Also, how this directly impacts reaching the end. Being a leader of the team, he/she observes, analyzes, feels, and acts to guide the pieces and also motivates them in the right alignment of what the child seeks to achieve.

7. Gears Need Optimal Operation And Communication

The strategic aspect for the proper functioning of any team to finish these above-mentioned leadership lessons from playing Rubik's Cube is communication. It is a system that has codes, symbols, and representations. If the verbal, the non-verbal, the tasks, and the flow that circulates in a team are to the point, the team will be able to better achieve the common goal it pursues. Otherwise, performance will be impaired and therefore disappointing. 

An individual learns leadership lessons and imbibes all these qualities from a puzzle game, i.e., by playing Rubik's Cube beginning at an early age. The same kid later becomes a great team leader and can handle such challenges more efficiently and patiently.


We all must have read, heard, or seen this somewhere or the other that, "Life is like a Rubik's cube, you solve it or you complicate it even more." It reflects on the role of the leader and of each member of the team. That either you with your participation make the team grow and contribute positively or you generate the opposite. The teacher of this lesson for your kid is each piece of the Rubik's cube.

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