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Top 8 Highly Efficient Ways To Make Your Kids Smarter

by Sithara S,

Personality Development
Top 8 Highly Efficient Ways To Make Your Kids Smarter



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Every parent wishes to bring up their children in a manner that organizes them to live fulfilled, optimistic, productive lives. Nonetheless, they sincerely strive to become the best parent in the world. However, do we know a few most efficient ways to make your kids smarter? 

Well, here we are! Put aside all the stress about good parenting and let's have a brief look at top scientifically valid promising ways to make your kids smarter for success, both personally and professionally. This quick guide about efficient ways to make your kids smarter deals with the psychological and scientifically proven aspects and you don't want any confusion in your mind.

Efficient Ways To Make Your Kids Smarter!

Kids acquire an immense fraction of knowledge in various fields, through daily living: while playing with other children, imagining and creating stories together, knowing patterns from the surrounding, learning so many practical situations from their surroundings, and much more. Young children can learn about science with blocks. However, what they don’t want to do is go around while repeating and reciting the scientific equations. First things first, let your kids just be kids!

Here are the Top 8 effective ways to make your kids smarter!

1. Better Sleep Is A Necessity

Sleep is an integral factor of everyone’s ritual and a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Research has proved that children who regularly get an ample amount of nap have enhanced attention, behavior, knowledge, recollection, and prevalent mental and physical health. On the contrary, not receiving sufficient snooze can direct to elevated blood pressure, adiposity, and even pessimism.


It generally depends on age. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

  • Newborns under 1 year: 12-16 hours
  • Kids 1-2 years old: 11-14 hours
  • Kids 3-5 years old: 10-13 hours
  • Children 6-12 years old: 9-12 hours
  • Teenagers 13-18 years old: 8-10 hours

Kids must get an adequate amount of sleep and it is one of the efficient ways to make your kids smarter. Try to follow the advice of your pediatrician – a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night. This way, not only will your child be more active and ready to read up, but they will also have many decent behaviors. Assign a bedtime for your kid and stick to it!

2. Indulge Them In Brain Exercises 

As a parent, you constantly want the best for your kid, be it the nicest of apparel, your kid's favorite gadget, or sure a promising future. You wish to do everything to your ability and IQ plays a big role in this.


Just like any other activity is done to bolster stamina, brain workouts stimulate brain energy and implicate basic assignments and activities that require to be executed. These practices comprise various motions that comfort your child’s ears, sights, head, legs, and arms, and help in general body coordination. 

Advantages of Brain Gym workouts For Children:

  • Aids your kid get quicker and smarter.
  • Improves your child’s self-esteem and enthusiasm level.
  • Enhances fitness and stimulates immunity and recovery in your child.
  • Enhances eyesight.
  • Develops their aptitude and art.
  • Gains their communicative skills.

Your child’s brain is like a freeloader prepared to absorb everything it comes across. Age-appropriate activities help accelerate your child's intellect and acquire talents. Board games, building blocks, puzzles, checkers, and chess are precisely a few examples of brain games that also carve smarts. These novelty brain workouts are one of the few most efficient ways to make your kids smarter.

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3. Physical workouts Are Important

Whether it’s coordinated sports or barely playing on the lawn, kids need a physical workout to energize their senses. A survey by the University of Illinois inferred that healthy kids perform competently in academics. They also have outstanding levels of self-esteem and dignity. So, go out on that lawn and play with your children.


Here are 3 Categories of Physical Workout that should be comprised in kids and adolescents each week:

A. Aerobic Workouts 

Most of your kid’s customary 60 minutes of a physical workout should be aerobic recreations. This includes activities like walking, jogging, or anything that compels their hearts to beat faster. Moreover, prompt them to do aerobic training a minimum of 3 days a week that makes them breathe quickly.

B. Muscle-Strengthening Workouts

Muscle-strengthening workouts include muscle-strengthening workouts, such as clambering or performing push-ups, at least 3 days per week as part of your child’s everyday 60 minutes routine.

C. Bone-Strengthening Workouts 

This includes bone-strengthening actions, such as driving or riding, at least 3 days per week. 

4. Introduce Them To Music Therapy 

Exploration from the University of Toronto revealed that children who tune in to music retain higher IQs as grown-ups. Music nourishes the spirit and brightens intuitions. It is an incredible carrier to open up your kid’s senses to many fresh miracles.


When we look up for efficient ways to make our kids smarter, music is a vital and significant ingredient in a child’s life. You need to make sure that it firmly influences them. And of course, there is no reason to put the brakes on. Crush out that karaoke device and have some leisure pounding to your favorite melodies with your children.

5. Video Games Benefit Children

If you are a parent who has been harshly restricting computer play-time, you might want to rethink. Most of the assertions about the toxic impacts of video games are just that, assertions. Now, we’re not saying to allow your child to play video games incessantly.


Restraint is crucial. However, there are actual positive impacts they can have on a child’s brain growth. Just keep in mind that the sorts of mental talents that video games nurture may be increasingly powerful in today's world.

There are several video games in the market now designed to improve your child’s learning and comprehension capacities. They stimulate strategic reasoning, ideation, and collaboration. Various video games have adverse effects obviously, but some can also be amazing for acquiring motor skills and recollection.

6. Nourish Your Children Well

We know that, in contemporary, children and parents have busy schedules. This generally makes it tough to sit down to homemade feeds every day. Many children's nutrients include a lot of comforts and fast food. However, it's a general fact that these junk foods can be unhealthy. Some of the issues of this unhealthy eating habit can continue into adulthood and can evolve into lifestyle diseases.


Healthy eating habits have many advantages for children. They

  • Solidify their energy.
  • Enhance their senses.
  • Even out their attitudes.
  • Assist them to maintain muscular strength.
  • Aid to curb mental health ailments. These comprise recession, uncertainty, and ADHD.

Your kid wants to be nourished with regular and healthy feeds. A constant stream of junk diet develops children who are more exposed to ailment. Besides, they also lack adequate nutrients, like iron, for strong brain and tissue development.

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7. Engage Them In Reading

Reading materials such as publications, magazines, journals, papers, etc. are the cheapest source of information and leisure. Reading is an inexpensive means of attaining awareness and therefore improving lifestyles.


Nonetheless, 8 Advantages Of Reading:

  1. Provides Satisfaction.
  2. Improves Concentration.
  3. Imparts knowledge and information.
  4. It's the Workout of the Brain.
  5. Curtains Stress.
  6. Enriches Analytical Thinking.
  7. Expands Vocabulary.
  8. Refines Writing Skills.

The considerably cost-effective and never-failing means to develop your child’s learning proficiency is by motivating them to read. An efficient way to make your kids smarter is to read to your child as fast as you can. Keep a bunch of books in your house. Be confident to pick one up for yourself. Those tiny eyes are often glancing to watch what you are doing.

8. Provide Them A Stable and Comfortable Atmosphere

A stable family atmosphere gives a sense of invariability, predictability, habit, and continuity, which is surely important to a child's well-being. For the record, children should never be caught in fights or disputes between their parents.

Children need to sense security. Provide them with a smooth and credible home atmosphere. Speculate your kid before you act. Your child is light-hearted and should be treated as such.


Take your kids out and let them catch a glimpse of the world around them. Take them to the garden. Take them to the cliffs, the parks, galleries, or the waterfront. Take them on a simple ride. Every sole spot your child goes to is a learning experience.

Your child will not be the best, the brilliant, or the fastest in every element of life if you follow up on these above pointers. We all have our skills and our shortcomings. Facilitate your kid to constantly attempt his/her best and stint as thick as he can.

While there isn't a set formula for bringing up prosperous children, psychologists have suggested various aspects that foresee triumph. While it takes a span of exercises and methods to put forward a child well-equipped for adolescence and adulthood, most principles run through these above-mentioned efficient ways to make your kids smarter.

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